Anheuser-Busch Idea Suggestion Terms and Conditions

This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions you agree to by submitting an idea or suggestion. We have created this form to allow you to submit suggestions to us and to avoid misunderstandings. Please read and consider the terms of this Agreement carefully before deciding whether or not to submit your suggestion. Anheuser-Busch will not review or consider a suggestion from you unless you have agreed to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THESE TERMS, PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ANY IDEAS USING THIS FORM.
However, if you have an idea that you would like to submit, we’re happy to hear about it under these Terms. Anheuser-Busch already employs a large number of people who work at Anheuser-Busch or who are our vendors under contract who are constantly providing new ideas and concepts. As a result, many outside suggestions that we receive are already known or available to us, are in our files for future use or development, or have already been tried or exhausted. 
Your suggestion submitted through this form will go into our suggestion database, which is reviewed by our staff. If we decide to use an idea submitted by you, we may, but are not obligated to, provide you with a prize or nominal award for your suggestion, such as public recognition, a coupon or other stuff. Any prize or award for an idea used by Anheuser-Busch shall be given solely at our discretion. SUBMITTING YOUR SUGGESTION DOES NOT CREATE ANY CONTRACT BETWEEN ANHEUSER-BUSCH AND YOU, IMPLIED OR OTHERWISE, EXCEPT FOR THESE TERMS, AND YOU SHOULD HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO EXPECTATION THAT YOUR SUBMISSION WILL BE USED OR THAT YOU WILL BE COMPENSATED IN ANY WAY IF WE DO USE IT. 
In addition to the other terms and conditions of this Agreement, by submitting a suggestion to Anheuser-Busch, you represent and agree as follows:
  • You acknowledge that we may have already independently developed, or be in the process of developing, or may develop at a future date ideas similar to your idea, and you waive any claim based upon the similarity of such ideas.
  • You have all necessary rights to submit your idea to Anheuser-Busch, including without limitation under any applicable alcohol beverage, advertising and/or marketing codes and standards, and are not aware that it is owned or claimed to be owned by a third party or that it infringes the patent, copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights of another.
  • Anything you submit to us can be used without restriction by Anheuser-Busch and by anyone to whom it is disclosed by or for Anheuser-Busch, and if used, it shall be owned by Anheuser-Busch. You also agree to sign any further documents we ask you to sign that confirm this.
  • Anything you submit to us is not confidential and Anheuser-Busch has no duty or obligation to hold it in confidence.
  • Although Anheuser-Busch may, from time to time, provide a prize or award for useful suggestions, it does so in its sole discretion and is not required to do so. You waive any and all claims for any compensation in the event that Anheuser-Busch uses your idea or any idea similar to it. In the event that the foregoing waiver is held to be invalid for any reason, you agree that the maximum compensation to which you would be entitled for the use of your idea will not exceed $10.
  • Your submission is made for good and valuable consideration, hereby acknowledged as received.
  • You are at least twenty-one (21) years of age.
  • To the extent the terms of Anheuser-Busch's general website Privacy Statement, Terms of Use, and/or any other statements, policies or agreements applicable to the use of Anheuser-Busch's web site in general, shall differ from the terms of this Agreement, the terms of this Agreement shall apply and shall be controlling.
  • You agree to let us contact you at our discretion following receipt of your submission.
We urge you to consult with an attorney if you are unsure of whether, or how, your suggestion may be protected by law, and before submitting any suggestion for which compensation is sought or for which you seek to submit on terms or conditions other than those stated in this Agreement. 
This Agreement is entered into in the State of Missouri. It, and any dispute arising under or in connection with it, shall be interpreted under the laws of the State of Missouri (not including conflicts of laws provisions), and, regardless of where you live, you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts of the State of Missouri. No joint venture, partnership, agency, or employment relationship exists between Anheuser-Busch and you by virtue of your submitting a suggestion and entering into this Agreement.